About GetResponse

About GetResponse

GetResponse is a software company that specializes in landing pages, email marketing, and webinars. It promises to be the most user-friendly mailing software on the market, with a slew of professional capabilities like simple email marketing, email automation, landing sites, and webinar software. The company, located in Poland, claims to have a global reach of 182 countries and over 1 billion monthly members. It integrates with a wide range of popular tools, including Salesforce, WordPress, and Shopify. It is a company that has been operating for quite some time.

Sincerely, Simon Grabowski, an SEO, created the first autoresponder in 1997. It has been increasing its features and expanding its team globally since then. It has also received accolades from publications such as Website Magazine, which named it the second-best email marketing supplier in 2011. How has it managed to stay on top of its game in the face of considerably harsher competition chock-full of bells and whistles for the enjoyment of users? One of GetResponse’s strongest advantages is its capacity to develop and change with the times. It hasn’t rested on its laurels and is still going strong.

GetResponse features

However, after thinking about the meaning of getresponse, it is a great reminder that in order to have a successful business structure, we need to learn more about the features of this software.  The following are its primary characteristics and how they interact to help you create an impression with your business:

Email marketing

Its flagship service is still regarded as one of the best in the business. GetResponse makes it simple to create beautiful emails that your subscribers will want to open.


Email creator

It all starts with choosing from its predesigned templates.

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Instead of starting from scratch, you can choose from a variety of templates for your email campaign. You can first preview the template to see if it matches the look and feel you want for your email. Show only templates from the category that best meets your needs to make finding the perfect template much easier. Click on the blocks and sections you want to change from here. Its WYSIWYG editor allows you to make changes to the page as it will appear to your subscribers once you’ve finished changing it.

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You can also change the design of each block or part by adjusting the settings. With just a few clicks, you can change the color or resize the text size, even if you don’t have any creative expertise. To further personalize the design, you can drag and drop the blocks and sections you want to include.

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You can also add the Product box and Recommended items blocks to the email editor’s Ecommerce section. You can only use them if your store is set up on GetResponse. You can save the current email design as a template if you wish to use it in other campaigns. Then, in the Design and Content section (simply click on the My templates tab), you may access your own design for future usage. After you’ve finished designing the email and determining who will get it, you’ll need to schedule when it will be sent. You can email it right away or schedule when your recipients will view it.  Furthermore, you need to activate Perfect Timing to ensure that subscribers receive the email at the optimal time based on when they previously opened your emails.


 Let’s imagine you wish to send an email or a series of emails to a set of subscribers on a regular basis. GetResponse’s Autoresponders function makes it easier to send the emails one by one because it’s impossible to do it manually. Create your first autoresponder by deciding when the email will be sent to a list subscriber.

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You can, for example, utilize autoresponders to welcome new subscribers by sending them a welcome email with links to pages on your site that they should visit to become familiar with your company. You may construct the email and publish it in the same way as demonstrated above once you’ve chosen the autoresponder’s schedule. While sending autoresponders is a wonderful approach to onboard new subscribers, it’s even better when used in conjunction with the marketing automation tool, which we’ll discuss shortly. However, as an example, you may automate your sales and engagement by using numerous autoresponders to build a drip-feed campaign!

Email analytics

You must know how your subscribers reacted to your email campaign in order to assure its success. Even if you believe you’ve designed the best email campaign ever, there’s a risk that not all of your subscribers agree. If anything, you need to know how your campaign did with your subscribers so you can figure out what went great and what went wrong and optimize your next campaign. Examine the campaign’s analytics to understand the many metrics that influence its overall performance. You may see an overview of how your list responded to one of your email campaigns from the dashboard.


Therefore, it displays how many of your emails were delivered to your subscribers, as well as the open and click-through rates for the campaign. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out more about the campaign, including the bounce and unsubscribe rates, as well as the number of complaints it received.

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When you consider all of these factors, you’ll have a better picture of what made your campaign successful or unsuccessful, as well as what you can do to improve your results. If you wish to look at your list’s growth, the reports section will show you a graph of it among other variables (demographic, subscription methods, devices).

List management

You want people who are interested and active with your brand to join your list while you’re developing one. You can only achieve this if you can send them emails encouraging them to participate and remain involved. GetResponse’s List Management function assists you in accomplishing this by segmenting and configuring your subscribers. For instance, you can divide groups of people who signed up using a different form on your site and sent them a specific message (more on this later).

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Once you’ve developed a segment for them, you’ll be able to send them a customized campaign. This helps to enhance engagement, if not conversions, by making your interactions with each of your segments more dynamic and personal. Adding conditions to each of your subscriber lists is another technique to help you manage them. You can categorize your subscribers based on conditions such as geolocations, contact activities, and other factors. You may then categorize subscribers who meet certain criteria and send them targeted email campaigns. You may also profile each of your subscribers via List Management. To discover more about each one, simply click on it.


You can see their latest activity based on the emails you sent to each, add notes about each, and other details that could help you convert them into customers. In a way, GetResponse works as a CRM. Using the information you can find here should help you profile subscribers and provide context for each of them. You may check their most recent action based on the emails you sent them, as well as add notes and other information that may help you convert them into customers. GetResponse functions as a CRM in some ways. Using the data found here, you should be able to profile your subscribers and provide context for each of them.

Transactional emails

You need more from your email marketing software than just collecting subscribers and sending emails if you run an e-commerce site. You’ll need a solution that will send emails to customers who have forgotten to check out their carts, as well as receipts for each transaction. The Transactional Email functionality in GetResponse allows you to connect to its API or SMTP and send transactional emails to customers. The tool’s 99 percent email deliverability rate and stable infrastructure mean that you aren’t letting off the hook too easy, thus automating this system leaves you to focus on the big picture. You can examine and evaluate the results of these emails in order to improve your sales prospects.

Sign-up forms

You can’t start an email campaign if you don’t have any subscribers to send it to. GetResponse, thankfully, has you covered. To begin, its sign-up form allows you to collect contact information for use in your mailing list. It’s simple to make a form. You can create forms in four different ways and from a variety of templates arranged into categories, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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Similar to building an email, you can edit the existing fields and layout as well as add new ones if the need arises.  Once you’re done with the form, you can publish it on your site by pasting the code on any page. You can also request your web designer to do this for you or let GetResponse host it from its servers. Regarding the latter, you’ll just need to share the URL with your audience. If you want your form to take a different appearance, you should be able to find your preferred type from the tool’s List Builder Apps.

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Click on the app of the form you want to build and edit it from there before publishing.

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 Landing pages

Instead of using forms, you can utilize landing pages to convert visitors into subscribers or even customers. You can make one by choosing from a variety of templates categorized by kind (promotion, download, sale, etc.).


Again, building a landing page is a breeze thanks to its easy-to-use drag and drop builder.


To do A/B testing on landing pages, go to the top bar of the page and click the Plus symbol to generate as many variants as you need.


This is crucial in determining which variant generates the highest conversion rate. After you’ve completed creating your landing page, you’ll need to decide which domain you want to publish it on. GetResponse offers three pre-built domains.


If you have a website, however, it’s advisable to post the landing page under your domain to avoid confusion.


If your resource guides aren’t growing your company’s sales, you might consider using webinars to take things to the next level. Hosting online presentations where your audience can participate in order to learn more about a topic is also a terrific approach to educating them about your products and services. They’ve signed up for your webinar because they’re interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer. As a result, you should expect to close more consumers and clients after just one webinar. By far the only email marketing tool with built-in webinar capabilities is GetResponse. What’s more, when compared to using a third-party application, it integrates effectively with its other features to make setting up your webinars much easier.


You can also use the webinar to collect registrants ahead of time and assign them to the appropriate email list.

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You can create forms and landing pages to allow your audience to pre-register for the webinar after you’ve saved the settings and moved on to the next step. You can set up autoresponders from here to remind them when the webinar is scheduled and to keep them informed of any changes. You can promote your webinar in a newsletter to your existing list, encouraging them to sign up and stay informed about it. This is where the excitement begins once the webinar has begun.


GetResponse has all the tools you need to host a successful webinar where you can take questions and interact with guests in real-time. You can record the full webinar and share the URL with people who missed it so they can watch it whenever they have time.

Marketing automation

You should use GetResponse’s marketing automation services if you want to produce more sales and money on autopilot. You can establish a drip-feed campaign by using multiple autoresponders, as previously suggested. This allows you to put the software to work by sending emails to a part of your list automatically. To do so, you’ll need to develop a workflow that’s focused on your end aim. While you can construct your own workflow, you can also choose from pre-made workflow templates that have built-in parts. The workflow builder visualizes the emails that will be sent to your subscribers.

You can adjust and customize the workflow by adding elements from the right-hand side of the screen to the template. The conditional logic part is what makes marketing automation products so strong. Every email campaign’s purpose is to get individuals to the finish of the campaign by letting the workflow handle the heavy lifting. As a result of incorporating conditional logic into the equation, you can send customized automated emails based on their behaviors. If recipients received the email but did not open it, for example, they will receive a different email than those who did. After you’ve finished with the workflow, click on each piece to add the message you wish to send to your subscribers. To activate the drag-and-drop builder and construct your message, click the Create new message button.

 Conversion funnel

The capabilities shown above are only a sample of what GetResponse can achieve for your company. However, if you want to put it all together, its Conversion Funnel allows you to connect the dots and construct a high-converting funnel that converts visitors into customers. The first step is to figure out what your funnel’s goal is.


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Conversion Funnel eliminates the guesswork involved in creating high-converting signup forms, landing pages, and emails. Simply fill in the spaces and wait for the conversions to come in!

Website Builder

GetResponse can now assist you in the creation of whole websites. You won’t receive the same level of customization as you would with a professional website builder.  This is a wonderful alternative if you need to quickly create a simple website. The AI builder automates the web design process by allowing you to choose from a variety of templates based on your type of business. Once your basic website is complete, you can use a drag-and-drop builder to further modify it.

E-commerce store

Do you want to sell digital or physical items? You certainly can. GetResponse also has this feature, and it works well with their Conversion Funnel tool. This means you won’t have to juggle a number of various marketing tools to create completely working sales funnels. What about payment provider integrations? It works with a variety of payment processors, including Square, Stripe, PayPal, and others. Do you want to sell digital or physical items? You certainly can. It also has this feature, and it works well with its Conversion Funnel tool. 


GetResponse pricing



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GetResponse provides a free lifetime account with up to 500 contacts and access to email marketing, a website builder (10 pages maximum), and a landing page builder. Granted, some of these capabilities have feature limitations, but paying will remove these restrictions. If you’re just getting started, however, that may be plenty. What about paid subscriptions? You have a number of options to pick from. All of them come with a 30-day free trial. The higher the package you choose, the more features you’ll have access to. In addition, if your subscriber count exceeds 1,000 contacts, the price of all plans rises. If you want to save money on your membership, sign up for a 12- or 18-month plan to save 18% and 30%, respectively. 

Certainly, it is now obvious that GetResponse is software that has the lovely features that were mentioned above, which make our online business a tremendous one. What are you waiting for? Try GetResponse right away for free!