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Written by EzzyBrown

September 23, 2022

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Moosend is a powerful email marketing tool that helps businesses reach their customers and grow their businesses. With Moosend, businesses can create beautiful newsletters, manage their contacts, and track their campaign results. Moosend also provides a wide range of features to help businesses automate their email marketing campaigns, including autoresponders, drip campaigns, and email deliverability.

Is Moosend safe?

Moosend is a safe and secure email marketing platform that is trusted by businesses of all sizes. Moosend is GDPR compliant and has a strict privacy policy in place to protect your data. Moosend is also PCI DSS compliant, meaning that it meets the highest standards for security. You can rest assured that your data is safe with Moosend.

Is Moosend easy to use?

Moosend is an email marketing platform that makes it easy to create and send newsletters, email campaigns, and other marketing communications. The platform includes a drag-and-drop email builder, a wide range of templates and designs, and a range of features to help you track your results and optimize your campaigns. Moosend also offers a free plan for small businesses, making it a great option for those just getting started with email marketing. Therefore, it is easy to use freely.

Where is Moosend based?

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Moosend is a web-based email marketing service provider with headquarters in the United States and offices in Portugal and Brazil. The company was founded in 2008 by two friends who saw a need for a more user-friendly and affordable email marketing solution. Moosend has since become a leading provider of email marketing services, helping businesses of all sizes reach their customers and grow their businesses.

What is Moosend’s best feature?

Moosend’s best feature is its ease of use. It is a very user-friendly platform that is perfect for those who are not familiar with email marketing. Moosend’s interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, Moosend offers a wide range of features and integrations that make it a very powerful tool.

What are the prize plans?

Moosend also offers a number of pricing plans depending on the number of subscribers a user has. The Moosend plan prices are as follows:

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-Up to 1,000 subscribers: $10/month

-1,001 to 5,000 subscribers: $25/month

-5,001 to 10,000 subscribers: $50/month

-10,001 to 25,000 subscribers: $75/month

-25,001 to 50,000 subscribers: $100/month

-50,001 to 100,000 subscribers: $250/month

How to sign up on Moosend?

Assuming you would like a detailed walkthrough on how to sign up for Moosend: 

  1. Go to the Moosend homepage at 
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on the “Pricing” tab. 
  3. On the pricing page, scroll down to the very bottom and click on the “Free Sign Up” button. 
  4. On the next page, fill out your name, email address, password, and company name (if you have one). 
  5. Once you have filled out all of the required fields, click on the “Create My Free Account” button. 
  6. You will then be taken to your Moosend account dashboard. From here, you can begin creating your first campaign!


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